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The Wandering Stallion is an animal that was released on 19th March 2010. Like the Bull it is used to breed Foals with the other Horses in the Horse Stable. It will only stay one day and you cannot have multiple Wandering Stallions at one time. The Stallion do not appear in your Gift Box or your Horse Stable after you have offered them a home.

If a farmer does not have a stable attempts to accept the stallion, they will receive one set of the components needed to build a stable; 1 each of the Brick, Harness, Nail, Wooden Board and Horseshoe.


Modèle:Main Whenever a farmer has a stallion in their horse stable, every time they collect from it there is a chance to get a Foal that (up to 5) neighbors can adopt. If you do not get a foal you receive extra money when harvesting.


Trivia Modifier

It seems that unfinished stables can also shelter the stallion, but this might only be a bug.

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