Baby Elephant
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Baby Elephants were special animals available for 2 days on FarmVille available as a gift. A baby elephant will take 4 days to grow and farmers can collect circus peanuts from it, which will give 125 coins.

Unlike the Baby Turkey, it does not grow into an adult form. It is based off the infantile form of the real world Asian Elephant.

Notification Modifier

Around December 3, 2009 there was a glitch involving the gift links that allowed thousands of new Baby Elephants to be made, the glitch was fixed not even 12 hours after it was leaked.

The FaceBook notification for the Baby Elephant read as follows:

THE CIRCUS IS IN TOWN! Gift your friends a cute little BABY ELEPHANT to remember you by. They'll never forget! 48 HOURS ONLY!

Appearances Modifier

An adult elephant appears on the Ice Hockey decoration and as a Topiary

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